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eBay Neighbourhood is closing on 31 August 2017. For more information please see the FAQs here.

eBay Neighbourhood shutting down FAQs

  1. When is eBay Neighbourhood closing down?
    We’ve made the difficult decision to shut down eBay Neighbourhood on 31 August 2017.
  2. What do I need to do?
    The eBay Neighbourhood service will stop operating on 31 August 2017. After this date, you won’t be able to use the site to connect with Sellers, track items or make and receive payments.

    If you’re a Seller you need to make sure you:
    • Cancel all live listings from Item Owners before 15 August 2017.
    • Complete all outstanding payments and return all unsold items before 31 August 2017. If you’re an Item Owner you need to make sure you contact the Sellers you are dealing with and get your unsold items back before 31 August 2017.

    eBay will not provide any more support and will have no liability in relation to the eBay Neighbourhood programme for transactions carried out after the closing date.
  3. Can I continue to send messages through eBay Neighbourhood?
    You can communicate with Sellers and Item Owners until 31 August 2017 using eBay Neighbourhood. After this date, the site will no longer be accessible. Please make sure all your transactions have been completed in full by the closing date.

  4. For Item Owners

  5. What should I do I have already sent items to a Seller?
    Before 15 August 2017, you’ll need to contact the Seller to cancel the transaction and organise the return of your item before 31 August 2017.
  6. What if a Seller has already listed my item for sale?
    If the item has already been listed on eBay, the Seller must cancel the listing by 15 August 2017 and return the item to you before 31 August 2017.

  7. For Sellers

  8. What if I have received an item to sell from an Item Owner?
    You must cancel any live listings for Item Owners before 15 August 2017, complete any outstanding payments and return all unsold items to the Item Owners before 31 August 2017.
  9. When should I send payment to the Item Owner after a sale?
    If a sale happens before 15 August 2017, you should wait 14 days after the sale is complete before sending payment to the Item Owner. This is to make sure there are no buyer issues or return requests that you need to take care of following the sale.

    After that 14-day period, you should send payment via the eBay Neighbourhood Hub within 2 working days.

    That means that you can pay the Item Owner via eBay Neighbourhood if you make a successful sale before 15 August 2017. If you have already listed an item and there is no successful sale before 15 August 2017, we suggest you cancel the listing and return the item to the Item Owner.

    You won’t be able to send payment via eBay Neighbourhood after 31 August 2017.

    Remember to send payments to the PayPal account of the relevant Item Owner.
  10. What if I need more assistance with ebay Neighbourhood?
    You can still contact eBay Customer Service if you have any issues.